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This page was last updated on
14 September 2020

Bachmann Branchline OO Gauge Models



Graham Farish N Gauge Model Railways
Super Neo Magnets
Large range of N and OO scale Card Building Kits
Model Scene Range of 4mm Accessories (formerly marketed under the MERIT trade name)
Ratio Plastic Kits on OO and N Gauges


All of our layouts can be supplied with the track ballasted to add realism.  We currently offer two main type of ballasting which are foam and flock powder.  A brief description of each is outlined below. 

Foam Ballasting.

An 'N' gauge layout showing the track fitted with PECO foam ballast.

Moulded Foam Ballast Inlay is supplied in a realistic grey/brown colour.   Not only does this add extra realism to the layout but it also gives quieter, smoother running. 

An 'OO' gauge layout showing the track fitted with PECO foam ballast.

 Please note that this type of underlay will begin to disintegrate after a number of years; for this reason, we don't recommend its use on long term projects.
It should also be noted that PECO have now discontinued the moulded ballast turnout inlays, so supplies are very limited.


Flock Powder Ballasting

Flock powder ballasting produces a much more realistic effect and is used by many modellers on exhibition layouts.  The basic principle is to mix the flock powder in a wallpaper paste and PVA glue mix.

Flock powder ballast being applied to one of our layouts

 The resulting mixture is applied to the trackwork and allowed to dry.  Although it is a rather time consuming process, especially around pointwork, the end result is very pleasing and once dry,  it can be further enhanced by adding a light mix of track colour paint.

One of our twin level 'N' gauge sets being ballasted.

Being a water based process, the ballast won't permanently  stick to the trackwork allowing points to be replaced if necessary.   It will, however, adhere to the baseboard material.    Flock powder is available from various suppliers and in many colours.  Shades of grey and brown can be mixed together to produce realistic ballast effect. 

The images above show PECO finescale 'N' gauge track ballasted with flock powder.
(Move mouse over picture for second image)

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