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15 October 2021

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Graham Farish N Gauge Model Railways
Super Neo Magnets
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Super Neo Magnets

OO Gauge Hornby Dublo/Wrenn Locomotives and Tri-ang (X04) Motors
 Graham Farish N Gauge (Poole built) 
Steam, Diesel and Electric Locomotives and DMU's

Neodymium magnets are relatively new.  They were developed in the mid 1980s and can now be found extensively in countless modern applications from fridge magnets to wind turbines! 

These easy to fit, super strong magnets are designed to be a direct replacement for the existing magnet in your loco.  Once installed you should find a considerable increase in the torque produced by the motor, reduced motor current and reduced armature heat resulting in improved overall performance. 
Fit a new Super Neo Magnet into the motor and watch your loco come back to life stronger and more willing to pull than ever before.
These magnets are around 10 times more powerful than the original magnets were when they were new.  They will never lose their power and no magnetic keepers are required.

We currently have two types of  magnet available
Type 1 - Graham Farish N Gauge Magnets
  3.75 each
For all Poole built Steam, Diesel and Electric Locomotives and early China built examples.
Type 2 - OO Gauge X03/X04 Magnets
7.50 each
For Hornby Dublo 2 and 3 Rail and Wrenn Models with vertical motors
and Tri-ang X03/X04 Motors.
Replacement for Graham Farish Motor Magnet. Replacement X03/X04 and HD/Wrenn Magnet
Please see the notes at the bottom of this page for safety and handling instructions.

Buy Super Neo Magnets

These magnets are designed to be direct replacements for the existing motor magnet.  Simple to fit with no modifications required.

Type 1 for all British built Graham Farish N Gauge Steam, Diesel, Electric locomotives and DMU's. also fits some early China built examples, without can motors.

Type 2 for all Tri-ang X03 and X04 Motors and the following Hornby Dublo 2 and 3 Rail and Wrenn Models: A4, N2, City/Duchess, Std Tank, Scot and Spam Can.


Quantity selection is available as part of the PayPal payment process. 

To complete your purchase, please click the 'View Cart' button in the navigation panel on the left hand side of this page

Overseas Customers please contact us for delivery charges.

(Alternatively, we can fit these magnets for you as part of our Locomotive Repair Service)

Magnets can also be collected from our shop during normal opening hours.

Type 1 Magnet

Type 1 Super Neo Magnet fitted into a Graham Farish Class 25 Chassis with a 5 Pole Motor
Original and New Magnets in the foreground.
(Move cursor over Image for another view)
Type 1 Super Neo Magnet fitted into a Graham Farish J94 Steam Loco Chassis with a 3 Pole Motor
Original Magnet in the foreground, Super Neo Magnet in the Loco
(Move cursor over Image for another view)

Type 2 Magnet

Type 2 Super Neo Magnet fitted into X04 Motor, Original and New Magnets in the foreground.
(Move cursor over Image for another view)

Case Study

We fitted one of the type 2 magnets into a standard Hornby Dublo 3 Rail N2 Tank Loco.  Before installation, the loco was tested on a 3 rail layout powered by a Marshall 3 controller.  The loco would not move until the controller was turned up to the 5th of the 7 notches available on the control knob, after that the loco did run, but fairly slowly.

A Hornby Dublo 3 Rail N2 Tank Chassis fitted with a Super Neo Motor Magnet.

To fit the magnet, the loco body was removed, the old magnet replaced by the  new one and the loco body replaced.  The magnet swap took around 5 minutes and no other modifications were made to the chassis.  (see picture above)
Following the modification, the loco runs on the 1st notch on the controller, the overall top speed has increased dramatically and you can even get the wheels to spin when the power is turned up quickly.

Important Note:

Rare-Earth magnets are fragile and can break easily.  These magnets will become demagnetised when exposed to high heat.  They are powerful and can accelerate at high speeds toward each other and toward ferrous material.  When these magnets come together quickly, they can shatter and break, they can also pinch strongly if allowed to come together against the skin.  Neodymium magnets have strong magnetic fields that can damage electronic equipment and magnetic data storage media.  You should keep these magnets away from electronic equipment, computer discs, credit cards, videotapes, and other magnetic media.  Keep magnets away from heart Pacemakers.  These magnets are coated with nickel, if you have a nickel allergy, prolonged contact with skin may cause irritation.  Do not allow children to handle these magnets. They are very powerful and may cause trapping injuries and can be fatal if swallowed.




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