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20 April 2020

Bachmann Branchline OO Gauge Models



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Layout Planning

Arguably, the most critical phase of any successful model railway is the design stage.  It is far easier to explore different track plans on paper than by trial and error on timber.  An hour spent on the design can save days, and money, during construction.  We can offer you a specialised design service using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology.  Using our large format printer, plans up to A0  size can be produced.  These drawings can contain set out information, so that the track can be accurately positioned during track laying.

A typical dimensioned design drawing showing part of an 'OO' gauge layout using PECO Setrack.

Alternatively we can supply full sized template plans on our plotter.  These paper prints can be placed directly on to your baseboard and used as a template to position turnouts and curves etc.  Track is lightly pinned in position using the template as a guide and then the paper print can be removed before finally fixing the track. 

Our HP 750C Wide Format Plotter can be used to generate full sized track template plans for even the largest model railway project.
Our wide format plotter can be used to generate FULL SIZED Track Template Plans for even the largest model railway project.

Typically these drawings cost between 100 to 175, depending on the complexity of the design.   A deposit of 50 is required with the order, the balance being payable on completion.

Together with the deposit payment, the following information will be required to enable us to progress with your plan.

  1. Accurate measurements of the room, including the positions of any doors, windows  and chimney breasts etc.

  2. Any other restrictions such as access to cupboards, shelves, lifting sections or duck unders?

  3. Is the layout to be fixed (permanent) or free standing (portable)?

  4. Scale / gauge of the proposed model railway?

  5. Type of track to be used, i.e. Setrack, Flexible, Finescale etc?

  6. Minimum radius?  This may dictate what type of locomotives can be used.

  7. Do you prefer a continuous or end-to-end type of layout?

  8. Is the model to be based on a prototype location, as with the plan below?

  9. What features are required, i.e. Station, Goods Yard, Locomotive Shed etc etc?

  10. A sketch of any ideas you may have would be useful.

  11. Any other special requirements?

This plan for a portable 'OO' gauge layout is based on HASSOP in Derbyshire 

This plan for a large fixed 'OO' gauge layout is based on MANSFIELD (MIDLAND)
It was produced on CAD using an ordinance survey plan of the track layout as a full sized template.
An element of 'modellers licence' has been used to make layout more practical and the track design has been modified slightly to use standard PECO code 75 pointwork geometry.
Overall, the layout measures 11500mm x 4750mm.
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