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27 December 2019

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Recent Projects

This large OO gauge model railway has been designed to make the best possible use of the room available.  Our client wanted to have two double track circuits with a section of quadruple track, a branch line station, storage sidings and a higher level section.  Following a site visit to measure the room, a plan was devised which was approved by our customer. 

The layout has been constructed on seven baseboards giving an overall size of 4880 x 4615.  track is PECO code 100 with streamline points and flexible track.  All points are operated by PECO Pl-10E point motors mounted below the baseboard and controlled by PECO Passing Contact Switches mounted in PECO Switch Consoles.
Track laying Track laying
Construction Construction
All of the baseboards have been covered in cork sheet and painted green.  The track is ballasted with flock powder and wallpaper paste mix.
Ballasted Track Control Panel
Train control is conventional DC using Gaugemaster controllers.
Installation of Layout
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So far, this is the largest model railway we have designed, constructed and installed.  The plan for the 'OO' gauge model railway consists of a double track mainline with a choice of routes.  Also incorporated were fiddle yards, locomotive depots and goods facilities.  

Track Laying and Ballasting Track Ballasting with a mixture of Wallpaper Paste and Flock Powder
PECO code 100 track has been used throughout with all of the points motorised with PL-10WE mounted below the baseboard (below left).  The points are controlled by two banks of PECO Switch Consoles fitted with PECO Passing Contact Switches.  The track has been fully ballasted with a mixture of Flock Powder and Wallpaper Paste (above right).  
A PECO PL-10WE Point Motor mounted below the Baseboard Construction image showing partially completed ballasting and point motor switch consoles
A flyover has been incorporated into the track plan with gradients of approx 1 in 40 (below left).  Larger baseboards are fitted with removable access hatches so that track at the back of the layout can be easily reached (below right). 
The Corner Baseboard Under Construction showing the Central Access Hatch
The completed and installed layout has been fitted with perimeter background panels at the rear and fascia panels at the front of the baseboards..

Dapol Motorised Semaphore Signals The control panel area incorporating the Digitrax Super Chief DCC Controller


Wellingborough (15A)

So far this project has been a planning exercise.   Our client wanted to check the feasibility of making an accurate scale model of Wellingborough Locomotive Shed (15A) in N gauge.  The starting point was the track plan (below) which was scanned from a magazine.  Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) the image was scaled up to full size (for N gauge) and used as a background for the positioning of PECO Code 55 Turnouts and Flexible Track.

The resulting plan (below) faithfully represents the track plan of Wellingborough Shed using standard PECO code 55 track geometry.  A few compromises have had to be made to accommodate the baseboard joints and because some of the  prototype turnouts are not available in model form.  However the general plan is almost identical to that of the original.

The model locomotive depot will fit onto a layout measuring 5200mm x 1050mm.  As part of our planning process, a complete list of all of the track required to build the model railway is included in the final drawing.  A complete set of seven full sized A0  'template prints' were also supplied, these allow the layout to be fully evaluated before any track is laid.   The same prints will later be used as a template during the track laying process. 



This was a large and complex project, complicated further by the fact that it was to be installed on the island of Tenerife.
The layout was based on Rickmansworth on the Metropolitan Railway, during the time when a change of locomotive from steam to electric traction was a regular event.  The plan of the station was based on the actual track diagram at Rickmansworth although somewhat truncated to fit into the available space.

Built in OO gauge and using PECO code 100 track, the layout measures approx 6 metres x 3.9 metres.  It was designed and built on nine baseboards, sized with transportation in mind.  The design incorporates a lifting flap door section which allows easy access to the middle of the layout.  The room in which it was to fit was far from square, necessitating a rather complicated baseboard design.  A small branch line station named Croxley is included at a higher level with ramps connecting it to the main station of Rickmansworth.  Two road and one canal under bridges further complicated the design of the baseboards. 
One of the road under bridges The canal under bridge
The layout was so large that we could not fully assemble it in our workshop, so, we built and wired it in two halves.  All points are operated by PECO PL-10E point motors operated from two banks of PECO Pl-27 Switch consoles positioned adjacent to the two stations.  Power to operate the trains and point motors is provided by two Morley  Vector controllers.  All of the track was ballasted by flock powder mixed with wallpaper paste..
Part of the fiddle yard under construction The flap door under construction
Once complete, the baseboards were boxed into four large (and heavy) boxes for transportation to Tenerife.  Richard and Christine from The Goods Yard, traveled out to fit the layout during early December 2011 and over the period of one week, fitted, completed and commissioned the model railway. 
Installation in Tenerife, looking over the flap door toward the fiddle yard and Croxley station (raised) Installation in Tenerife, looking over the flap door toward Rickmansworth station
Installation in Tenerife, looking toward the entrance door from Croxley station Installation in Tenerife, Rickmansworth station
Once the baseboards had been installed in the room, track connections were completed and ballasted to match that done back in our workshop.  Uncoupling ramps were added to Rickmansworth station which allow the hands-free detaching of the electric and steam during the locomotive exchanges.
Ballasted track and Electric loco at Rickmansworth station
This layout is a finescale version of our standard Twin level 'N' Gauge Model Railway.

The layout is to be based on continental practice which means that the direction of train travel on the mainlines is reversed, we have also mirrored the branchline connection.  To accommodate the geometry of the PECO Code 55 finescale trackwork, the overall length has been extended from 1830 (6ft) to 2743mm (9ft).  A manually operated turntable has been incorporated  into an enlarged locomotive depot area.
The loco depot with the Morley Vortrak controller below.  The detachable switch console
The layout, which is built on two equal sized baseboards, also features a detachable switch console which is electrically connected to the layout by a number of 25 pin RS 232 plugs.  Power for the four track sections and the pint motors is provided by a Morley Vortrak controller

      Move cursor over this image to reveal another view.
Here we have yet another version of our popular Twin level 'N' gauge Model Railway. 

 This one has been extended by adding another baseboard to the right hand side of the original design making an 'L' shaped layout.  The high level branch terminus station is now a through station and lower level tracks have been extended onto the second baseboard. 

This track plan allows four trains to be run continuously and adds another station to the design.

Move cursor over these images to reveal another view.

 Here we have a  traditional 'OO' gauge layout, designed to fit inside a 3320 x 2730 timber shed.

The track plan design was based upon a sketch supplied by our client.  We partially redesigned the diagram using CAD to add more scope for interesting train operations.

The track plan consists of a double track mainline with a terminus station.   There is also a small goods yard located within the mainlines.

The station is connected to the mainlines by a pair of double crossings.  These allow trains to enter or leave the station form and to each of the two mainlines.

All of the trackwork is PECO code 100 with Insulfrog points.  Points are operated by PECO PL-10E point motors mounted below the baseboard.  Each of the four baseboards is covered with 1/16" thick cork sheet and one is fitted with an access hatch for access into the corner of the layout.
Points are operated from a bank of PECO passing contact switches.  Power for the point motors and the operation of the trains is provided by a Morley Vortrak four track control unit.  This unit includes an internal CDU providing plenty of power to operate  two or three point motors at the same time.
As part of the project, we delivered, installed and commissioned the model railway inside the existing shed.  Thanks to accurate dimensions supplied by the client, the layout fitted first time.

Although originally intended as a surprise Christmas present for their son Josh, the secret was soon uncovered.  Here Josh and and school friend Peter, enjoy the newly installed model railway. 

This 'N' gauge layout was built to a track plan supplied by our customer.

The plan was redrawn by us  on CAD to ensure feasibility.
A full size plot of this plan is later used as a template during the track laying process
The trackplan includes a double track mainline with a terminus station, goods depot and locomotive depot.
The specification of this model railway includes a one piece 1575 x 875 baseboard with 9mm cover, cork sheet cover and painted grey.  The layout is provided with a set of cross braced trestles.  All trackwork is PECO code 80 with Setrack points and streamline track.
Points and Isolating tracks are controlled from a bank of PECO switches
All points are motorised with PECO point motors and these are operated from a bank of PECO passing contact switches mounted is switch consoles.  These consoles also contain the switches for operating the isolating sections of the track.
            The underside of the baseboard showing the electrical installation
As with all of our layouts, the electrical wiring beneath the baseboard is enclosed in, and protected by, self adhesive plastic trunking.

For further information and photographs of progress on this layout, see LONG NEWTON


This is an extended version of our popular 'N' Gauge Twin Level Model Railway

The track plan has been modified by the inclusion of additional crossings between the mainlines, a PECO level crossing and a run around loop on the branchline platform of the mainline station.  The baseboard has been extended from 1830 to 2150 to accommodate these revisions.

The specification of this particular model railway includes PECO setrack points and code 80 track.
All points are fitted with PECO PL-10E point motors mounted below the baseboard and these are operated by a bank of PECO passing contact switches. 

 The baseboard has been covered in 1/16" (1.6mm) Cork Sheet. 

An 'OO' gauge  model railway designed and built to fit into the reception area of a hotel in Minehead.

One of the main attractions in this part of the country is the West Somerset Railway, whose terminus station is right on the seafront of the town.  The Kingsway Hotel in Minehead offers 4 star accommodation for the ever growing number of railway related visitors to this popular seaside resort.   The resident proprietors, Diane and Joe Erfurt decided to expand their range of facilities by offering guests the chance to 'play trains' on a model railway in the reception. The Kingsway Hotel

The design of the new model railway was to include the following features

The layout would be 'OO' gauge and the baseboard would be 2000mm x 860mm.

As the West Somerset Railway is currently installing a turntable adjacent to the station, a working turntable was thought to be an essential component of the new model.

Due to the prototype's geographical  proximity, the Hornby Dunster station building would also be included in the design.

Locomotives and rolling stock would reflect that in use on the preserved West Somerset Railway.

The layout would feature a limited degree of automation.  Trains would be stored on sidings hidden by a removable 'train shed'.

A separate control panel would be supplied so that the railway could be operated remotely. 

 After various options were offered, the plan above was adopted as suitable to fit the available space.

The baseboard was manufactured from 9mm MDF with suitable softwood bracings with 300mm high trestles.
The completed model railway showing the turntable, terminus station, loco shed, goods shed etc.
The remote control module was especially designed for this model railway.  It includes a Gaugemaster Combi Controller and a bank of PECO switches which control the points and select between operation of the trains and the turntable.  Also included is a CDU (Capacitor Discharge Unit) for more efficient operation of the points and a track diagram showing which switches operate which points.  The module is connected to the layout by a long cable incorporating a 25 pin plug and socket.  An AMR automatic shuttle module is operated by a single switch on the panel.  When in 'auto' mode a train shuttles between the station and the hidden sidings at the rear of the layout.

This 'N'  gauge layout was designed and built for a client in Devon....

This is an 'N' gauge model railway based on a plan supplied by the client.  The track plan consists of a double track mainline on the lower level with inclines to an intermediate through station.  The tracks continue over a baseboard joint to a small terminus station.

Original track plan produced on our CAD system.  This provides the basis for the cutting and construction of the baseboards.

The starting point of any of any of our new model railways is a fully detailed CAD drawing.  The drawing is used to prove that the design will fit into the space available and allows any design changes to be made quickly.
The final plan is approved by the client before construction begins.
The completed drawing is then printed out 'full size' and this forms the basis of the design of the baseboard and a guide for the trackwork.  This plan is also used as a template to cut out the sometimes complex shapes required for multi-level baseboards.

The main baseboard showing the ramps and upper levels

The baseboards are of timber frame construction with 9mm MDF covers.  These are covered with 1/16" cork sheet to form a base for the track.  The large baseboard measures 1820 x 755 and the small one is 1755 x 195.

Trackwork completed

All of the trackwork is PECO Finescale Code 55 track with electrofrog points, the points being operated by PECO point motors mounted below the baseboard.  Points are operated by banks of PECO passing contact switches mounted on each baseboard.

The double track mainline with turntable and point motor switches on the right

The complete layout with the terminus branch station at the top right coener

The layout is wired for DCC operation of the trains.

The unserside of both baseboards showing the cut outs in the MDF, point notors and DCC operating modules.

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