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'N' Gauge Twin Level Model Railway

The picture of this particular design on our 'N' gauge train set page has generated a lot of interest.   For this reason we have added this page to give further details and approximate costings.  We have supplied many versions of this layout with slightly different track configurations.  See our Recent Projects page for slightly longer version and also one extended with a second baseboard.

The track plan comprises a twin track mainline on the lower level with a branchline connection to a small country station on a higher level.   The two levels are connected by a single track branch, inclined to suit.

 The geometry is based on that of PECO code 80 setrack, utilising PECO setrack insulfrog points, with PECO streamline flexible track.  The one piece baseboard measures 1830mm x 710mm (6' x 2' 4") and is constructed from 9mm MDF stiffened by a timber frame.

The basic cost of this layout is:

945.00 This includes the twin level baseboard and all track shown on the plan above
The following options are also available ........
Electric points: 890.00 (see note 1 below)
Foam Underlay: 255.00 (see note 2 below)
Exhibition Standard Ballasting 375.00 (see note 3 below)
Baseboard  Covered with 1/16" Cork Sheet 145.00 (see note 4 below)
Set of Separate Cross Braced Trestles 155.00 Any height available

Note 1, Remote Controlled Electric Points: All points are fitted with point motors, mounted below the baseboard. Operation is via a bank of PECO passing contact switches fitted into a surface mounted PECO switch console. The electrical circuit is fitted with a Capacitor Discharge Unit (CDU) to improve reliability and prevent accidental overloads. A suitable 16V AC supply will be required to operate this system.
Note 2, Ballast Inlay: PECO Moulded Foam Ballast Inlay in realistic brown colour. Not only does this add extra realism to the layout but it also gives quieter, smoother running. Please note that this type of underlay will begin to disintegrate after a number of years, for this reason, we don't recommend it's use on long term projects.
Note 3, Exhibition Standard Ballasting: Track is ballasted using a mixture of grey flock powder and wallpaper paste, the result is a high quality ballast effect that will enhance any layout.
Note 4, Cork Sheet: The top of the baseboard is covered with 1/16" thick cork sheet, this is glued to the surface of the baseboard. The cork provides an element of sound reduction and gives an excellent surface upon which to build scenery etc.

Suitable controllers will be required to operate this set.  We would recommend a Morley Vesta twin track controller for the mainlines and a Bachmann 1/2 amp Controller and Power Pack for the Branchline.  Alternatively a Morley Vortrak four track controller.
and  Bachmann Single Track Controller with Power Pack (not shown)  
Morley Vesta and Bachmann Controller Morley Vortrak Four Track Controller
DCC.  The layout can be supplied ready wired for DCC operation, i.e. All tracks live all of the time, at an additional cost.  We can also supply and fit a DCC control system of your choice.
The images below show a recently completed layout.  This one is fitted with PECO foam underlay, PECO point motors and a separate cross braced trestle frame.  Move your cursor over the right hand image to see the underside of the baseboard. 

General view from front of layout

General view from rear of layout

PECO console and point motor switches, the power input sockets for controllers are located below.
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