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15 October 2021

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The Lancashire, Derbyshire & East Coast Railway and Tuxford Wagon Works

We are very fortunate in having our workshop and shop in a former railway building.   The offices were built in 1897 by the Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway (LD&ECR) as part of Tuxford Wagon Works.

As its name suggests, the railway was originally intended to link Manchester with the East Coast at Sutton-on-Sea.  Ultimately, only the section of the line between Chesterfield and Lincoln was actually constructed and this was absorbed into the Great Central Railway in 1907.  The works at Tuxford, which were responsible for the maintenance of the fleet of wagons and coaches, closed over 50 years ago.  However, most of the workshops, including the office building, still survive as part of Lodge Lane Industrial Estate.   The site office, which was built in a similar style to that of the station buildings along the route, was home to the Chief Mechanical Engineers of the line and various office staff.

We have been collecting images of the works during its operating days and since closure and some of these pictures are included on this page.  if you have any images of the works or further information about the site, we would be very interested in hearing from you.  In the meantime, please enjoy these images.

This plan above shows the east - west LD&ECR and the north - south East Coast Main Line at Tuxford.  It clearly shows the connecting chord with the Loco Depot within the triangle.  The Wagon Works are situated outside the curve on the northern side of the LD&ECR.  The platforms of the twin level Dukeries Junction Station was situated on and below the bridge over the ECML.
All of the pictures below were taken within the area included on the map.

^ Tuxford Loco Depot in 1945 with J11 5214 basking in the sunshine

^ Part of the LD&ECR's locomotive works at Tuxford where originally nearly 130 men were employed in the repair and maintenance of engines and rolling stock.  Most prominent are the 'sheer legs' for hoisting large parts such as boilers from locomotive frames.  To the left of these are two steam engine boilers from a Sheffield firm and next to them, two four wheeled passenger carriages, which had been bought second hand from the Great Eastern Railway.
^ An LD&ECR 6 wheel brake 3rd on the traverser at Tuxford Wagon Works
^ O4 63722 stands on the LD&EC Mainline outside Tuxford Works
^Pictured outside the offices now occupied by our model railway shop, this image was taken in 1930.   It shows the employees attending an 'improvement class'.
^ Dukeries Junction station photographed about 1920 looking south with the GNR main line to the right. This footpath, half a mile from the nearest road to Tuxford, was the only pedestrian access to the station.  All LD&ECR passenger trains running between Chesterfield and Lincoln stopped here and at the company's Tuxford station, compared with only a selection of GNR local trains, that company being more interested in maintaining a service to and from its own Tuxford station.
^ Dukeries Junction Station closed in July 1955, this is a  view looking north along the ECML.
^ Taken in 1975, this picture shows the now closed works with the track lifted.
Thanks to Phil Whitehead for the above images.
^The now empty offices await their next tenant.

The following pictures, taken by Chris Austin in 1975, show the works in a rather dilapidated condition.

The building in which we now have our shop and workshop, back in 1975.

 1992, the wagon works have a new lease of life as an industrial estate. 

January 2013: Passengers return to Tuxford and the LD&ECR.
 A special train, top and tailed by class 66's, passes Tuxford Wagon Works as it heads for High Marnham
A New Signal Box for Tuxford.
The former Midland Railway Type 4c Signal Box from Sneinton was to be re-erected at Tuxford as part of continuing developments at the Network Rail, Rail Innovation and Development Centre.   After almost 100 years in its previous location near Nottingham, the box which dates from 26th July 1914 arrived at Tuxford in early August 2013.  It was proposed that the box would have a new lease of life as part of the RIDC, however its future use is now more uncertain.  The picture shows the top half of the structure shortly after arrival.
The Great Central Lament railtour on 14th June 2017
Passengers again on the LD&ECR
On Wednesday 14th June 2017, The Great Central Lament railtour operated along the remaining section of the former LD&ECR including that used by the Rail Innovation and Development Centre. The train was top and tailed by class 66 locomotives and the picture above shows 66182 on the return journey, 66074 is on the rear.  (photo by courtesy of  David Goodger).
A Class 50 on the LD&ECR
On Thursday 5th August 2017, Class 50, 50008 THUNDERER becomes the first member of its class to visit the LD&ECR and the Rail Innovation and Development Centre.  The loco had arrived, light engine, from Derby to collect one of the new Rail Grinding Units.  The image above shows the loco and unit at Tuxford preparing for departure back to Derby.  The loco, which was built in 1968 as D408 and withdrawn in 1992 as 50 008, currently carries the British Rail Laira blue livery it once carried during its final years of service whilst allocated to the Laira DCWA Civil Engineer's pool.


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